S3E6: Karen Wespieser MBE

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Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd have the pleasure to welcome a leading voice in education. The author of ‘The ResearchEd guide to SEND’; a self confessed education evidence geek; the COO of TeacherTapp; a trustee of the Greenshaw Trust; the curriculum lead for children with SEND for the Oak Academy and the organiser of rEdBerks. Yes it is Karen Wespieser MBE.

Tell us about life growing up for you and your own experience of education in your school years?

What made you want to come into education?

Let’s start with your book ‘The ResearchEd guide to SEND’. What was the inspiration behind this project?

What are the key things that you have learnt from this and think need to be passed on to practioners?

What are the biggest mistakes that teachers make when teaching SEND students?

Are there any policy changes that you’d like to see the DfE implement to improve the whole educational outcomes and experiences of SEND children?

Karen, you led the production of the curriculum for SEND students for the Oak National Academy. The start of the pandemic seems a long time ago but can you talk us through this period of your life? Who contacted you? What were you told? The mobilisation of the Oak National Academy was an incredible achievement.

For those who haven’t heard about TeacherTapp – what is it? Why was it set up? With approx. 8000 responses each day – as a self confessed education evidence geek, you must be in your element? What have you learned from TeacherTapp?

ResearchEd Berkshire is coming on 7th May 2022 – tell us all about what we can expect.


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