S3E3: the Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP – Dyslexia Screening Bill

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We are absolutely delighted to have the pleasure of welcoming a guest who has become one of the most well recognised and well known people in the UK. We are joined by the former Secretary of State for Digitial, Culture, Media & Sport and most notably the Secretary of Health & Social Care throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the Rt. Hon Matt Hancock MP.

💥Tell us about life growing up for you and your own education?

💥 Matt, you very recently introduced a private members bill to parliament called the ‘Dyslexia Screening Bill’, which will receive its second reading on Friday 18thMarch. Why is this issue so important to you and why have you introduced this bill?

Morethanajob totally back this bill and hope to see this bill come into law. However, once we’ve gathered the data and identified those with dyslexia – what next? How do we upskill, fund, support institutions, parents and even the students themselves?

💥What would you say to anyone listening who is dyslexic themselves?

💥 We are going to do a quick-fire section where we want a quick short answer or word association.

· Re-introducing the national anthem at the start and the end of the day on television channels and a requirement for children to learn the national anthem at school

· Free schools

· Face masks in schools for children

💥 Matt, I’d like to explore some of your thoughts on social media and technology. Back in 2018 you stated that (at the time) you didn’t allow your own children to use social media and that more needs to be done to hold these companies to account. What do we need to do to protect our children from the dangers of social media? Should schools ban mobile phones?


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