S3E2: Michael Chiles – The Sweet Spot

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We are joined by one of the leading voices in education, Michael Chiles, Associate Assistant Principal, Director of Tech and Innovation, a chartered geographer, a council member of the Chartered College of Teaching but most will know Michael as an influential education author, his books ‘The Craft of Assessment’, ‘The Feedback Pendulum’ and ‘The Sweet Spot’ are all hugely successful top sellers.

💥 Listen to Michael discuss his school life as register monitor and how he could have become a carpenter!

💥 Tell us about life growing up for you and your own education?

💥 What made you want to come into teaching?

💥 How do you use tech in your school?

💥ResearchEd Warrington is happening! It is sold out! What can we expect?

💥 Your third book ‘The Sweet Spot’ has been flying off the shelves and it was also illustrated by your good friend David Goodwin. For those who haven’t yet bought or read the book – can you give an overview and summary of what the book is about and why you wrote it.

💥 Peps McCrea writes how you really dig into essential nuts & bolts, and the book is very practical for all classroom practitioners. You start by talking about classroom layout. Is there an optimal classroom layout? How much consideration should we give to layout?

💥 In season 2 we talked to our mutual friend Jack TM about distractions in the classroom and how to maximise attention in the classroom based upon the research of Mike Hobbs. You talk a lot about classroom aesthetics – what’s best? Plain walls, colourful displays, key word walls?

💥 Upgrading our curriculums and pitching up our lessons seems sensible and simple but this still doesn’t happen everywhere. How do we go about sorting this in schools where the pitch is still low?

💥 Scholarly Culture – what does this mean and how do we embed this?

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