S2E8: Kate Jones

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It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Kate Jones to Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd. Kate Jones is the best selling author of many influential books including the retrieval practice series and most recently ‘5 Formative Assessment Strategies in Action’. Kate is an ambassador Winston’s Wish and also the recently appointed teaching and learning lead for InnerDrive.

💥 Can you help us understand the science & research behind retrieval practice?

💥 What advice and best strategies would you give to colleagues in order to successfully implement retrieval practice in their classrooms and curriculums.

💥 Marking books – is it worth the cost?

💥 What would you advocate to promote effective teaching & learning?

💥 One of your most recent books is ‘Five Formative Assessment strategies in Action’. The basis behind this research is from Dylan Wiliam’s book 10 years ago and the 5 identified strategies are:

  1. Clarifying, understanding, and sharing learning intentions
  2. Engineering effective classroom discussions, tasks and activities that elicit evidence of learning
  3. Providing feedback that moves learners forward
  4. Activating students as learning resources for one another
  5. Activating students as owners of their own learning

Can we explore each of these strategies and understand what they mean to those at the chalkface?

💥 You’ve also got another book coming out at the end of November called ‘The Teaching Life’ – what can we expect from this book?

💥 How important is awareness of cognitive science and application of research in developing outstanding schools, cultures and teachers? Do effective schools have staff wo regularly engage with pedagogical research?


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