S2E5: Eric Sheninger

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LISTEN as we welcome our first ever American educator and it doesn’t get bigger than ERIC SHENINGER!!

Eric began his career in education as a teacher of science in New Jersey with a fixed mindset but went on to lead New Milford High School as an award winning principal, with the school becoming a globally recognized model for innovative practices. Eric is a best selling author, his most recently published book ‘Disruptive Thinking’ will be discussed tonight, he is a consultant and a much sought after speaker.

💥 What is ‘Disruptive Thinking’?

💥 How do we balance technology & pedagogy?

💥 What can schools do to ensure that students enjoy education?

💥 What is the difference between skills & competencies?

💥 What ideas do you have to check for understanding in the classroom?

💬 “We learn when we reflect on experience.”

💬 “Why am I learning this?”

💬 “I learned how far behind my school was…I learned how to unlearn and then re-learn. That’s when the magic happened.”

💬 “Does the school environment reflect the world in which we need to survive?”

💬 “An effective leader is an effective communicator.”

Find his MUST READ book here: https://www.amazon.com/Disruptive-Thinking-Our-Classrooms-Preparing/dp/1734890894


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