S2E4: Lucinda Powell

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Wow what a episode to explore deep into the MIND!! 🧠

Lucinda has a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, a masters in Special and Inclusive education, is a qualified teacher and taught psychology from 2002-2017. Her passions lie in psychology and education and luckily the two are inextricably linked. She now produces an excellent podcast called ‘Psychology in the classroom’ and writes a weekly blog summarising psychological research on learning and education.

This is a must listen for educators and parents:

💥 What does good mental health provision look like in schools? How do we achieve that?

💥 What is the science behind a good nights sleep positively correlating to greater memory?

💥 What quick fixes have you got for current Y11 students who realise they may have left it too late?

💬 “£1,500 per year is lost to absenteeism or presenteeism.”


S2E9: Stuart Lock

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