S2E3: Barry Smith

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LISTEN to the inspirational Barry Smith talking education, culture, standards and vision!

Barry Smith is a teacher of nearly 25 years, a founding deputy headteacher at Michaela School, former headmaster of Great Yarmouth Charter Academy and educational consultant.
Doug Lemov describes Barry’s lessons as ‘simply brilliant’, ‘magical’ and ‘hugely engaging’. Tom Bennett said of Barry, ‘His kids love him. They have a command of French that is stunning; I’ve never seen anything like it in my career.’ Tom Sherrington describes Barry’s lessons as ‘fabulous’ and ‘dazzling’, adding, ‘this isn’t like any language learning I’ve seen before.’

But Barry has also been dubbed the ‘strictest and toughest headteacher’ in the country and at times been descried controversial. What is undisputable though is his passion to improve the life chances of young people in UK schools.

💥 What made the Michaela project so successful?

💥 What do you mean when you talk about ‘The Top of the Pyramid’?

💥 What are the core components of a successful school?

💥 How do you tackle students who don’t come in to school?

💥 What does an effective lesson look like?

💬 “Culture, culture, culture.”

💬 “I love to make students confident.”

💬 “Written feedback to teachers isn’t useful.”

💬 “We’ve got to stop teachers giving excessive praise.”

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