S2E2: ResearchEd 2021 #rED21 Part 2

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@_Morethanajob is back for season 2 and we are back with a bang!

We were live at ResearchEd21 and have a wonderful season opener with insights of the day from many of the leading voices in education. Listen to this episode as we are joined by:

πŸ’₯ David Didau – The ‘King’ of English

πŸ’₯ Dr Verena BrΓ€hler – Deputy Director of Research and Evaluation at Ofsted

πŸ’₯ Alex Quigley – National Content manager at the EEF

πŸ’₯ Joe Collin – Programme Manager at the EEF

πŸ’₯ Stewart Pinnock – English Literature expert

πŸ’₯ Heather Fearn – HMI leading Ofsted’s Curriculum Unit

πŸ’₯ Jonathan Barnes – Editorial Director of John Catt Education

πŸ’₯ Tom Sherrington – Author, Consultant, Walkthru master, educational god

πŸ’₯ Abby Bayford – author of must buy book ‘Letter to my NQT Self’

πŸ’₯ Ester Gray – Education Project Lead for Orbis Trust. Expert Advisor for TDT

πŸ’₯ Prof Rob Coe – Director of Research and Development at Evidence Based Education & Senior Associate at the EEF


S2E3: Barry Smith

LISTEN to the inspirational Barry Smith talking education, culture, standards and vision! Barry Smith is a teacher of nearly 25 years, a founding deputy headteacher at Michaela School, former headmaster

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