S2E19: Jack Tavassoly-Marsh

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It is our absolute pleasure to welcome Jack Tavassoley Marsh to the Morethanajob podcast. Jack is the Deputy Headteacher at Farnham Heath End School in Surrey, leading on Teaching & Learning across the curriculum as well as staff development. Jack is also a member of the Durrington Research School as an Evidence Lead in Education. But I am sure many of the listeners will know Jack for being the organiser of ResearchEd Surrey.

💥 Tell us about life growing up for you and your own education?

💥 What made you want to come into teaching?

💥Can you tell us more about being part of the Research School as an Evidence Lead in Education? Why do you care so much about research informed classroom practice?

💥 Jack you led a brilliant session at ResearchEd Surrey focussing on why students get distracted in lessons and what we can do to mitigate against these distractions in lessons. Can you start with the rationale behind this piece of research and what your research has shown?

💥 Ok so we have the research and the data that proves this but how can we reduce student inattention? What practical strategies can we use? Can you talk us through some of your recommendations?

💥 What are your thoughts on the plans for examinations next summer? What would you like to see the DfE do?

💥 Going back to your research projects – is there anything else you’ve worked on that has made a difference to your teaching?


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