S2E16: ATT Institute Team – People Development

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It is our absolute pleasure to welcome the ATT Institute Team to this week’s podcast and we have our first ever returning guest, Abby Bayford, who last joined us on S1E8 to discuss her must read book ‘Letter to my NQT Self’. However, this time she hasn’t come alone and is with her amazing colleagues. First of all we have Mike Brett, who is the Deputy Director of Institute at ATT and an Assistant Principal. We also have Amy Staniforth, who is research lead for ATT and also an Assistant Principal.

💥 Mike and Amy could you start by giving us a summary of your journey as a teacher and what you have learned along the way.

💥 Abby do you miss the classroom now you’ve moved into this role as Director of Institute?

💥 What is ATTI’s people development vision?

💥 What are the enablers/active ingredients of people development?

💥 As research lead how do you engage in research? Where do you even begin to start?

💥 What does professional/staff development look like if you’re an ATT employee?

💥 Your programme of people development is MAT wide – what are the greatest challenges of this?

💥 How are you responding to the changing landscape of teacher development and do you think with the new ECF and NPQs we might have finally cracked the recruitment and retention problem?

💥 What motivates you in your roles of people development?


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