S2E13: Don’t Exclude Me

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Marie Gentles OBE is a Government Behaviour advisor and star of the recent ground-breaking BBC documentary ‘Don’t Exclude Me’ which aired on BBC Two and is available on the iPlayer. She currently runs a behaviour consultancy Magic Behaviour Ltd and prior to this was the Headteacher of an Outstanding Pupil Referral Unit and Social Emotional and Mental Health provision which featured on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC One show.

Marie’s influence and Partnerships with many schools, The DfE and families has had immense success in transforming pupil’s behaviour and significantly reducing the rate of permanent exclusions.

Katie L’Aimable is a fellow director at Magic Behaviour Ltd. Katie started her career at an inner London mainstream school where she fostered and developed her love of working with pupils and families with additional needs. Katie was also the Deputy Head of the same outstanding Pupil Referral Unit and was also the executive lead for a successful key stage 2 Nurture Group pilot project, which saw some of the most vulnerable children in a London Borough transform their behaviour and reintegrate back into mainstream school.

💥 How did you get into teaching and did you end up becoming a behaviour expert and expert advisor, then the same question to you Katie.

💥 On both BBC programmes you’ve featured on, it clearly shows you achieving positives outcomes for the young people in need of your support. How do you go about this and what techniques do you use?

💥 Do you feel that there are too many children being excluded from mainstream provision and if so, what is the reason for this? What would you do to prevent or reduce it?

💥 The American Psychiatrist Ross W. Greene who we recently interviewed, says that ‘Kids do well if they can’ and consequently he is not a big fan of sanctions or rewards as a way of turning round challenging behaviour. What are your thoughts on this?

💥 Are there ever any reasons where you would support a school with permanently excluding a child?

💥 Can you explain how you operate with Magic behaviour Ltd how do schools sign you up and what services do you offer?


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