S2E10: Mary Myatt

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Athena – goddess of wisdom and reason

Iris – represents royalty, courage, wisdom and was a messenger between heaven and earth

Mary Myatt – meaning Queen of the Curriculum, a wise authority of matters of education and inspirational

Yes it is our absolute pleasure to welcome Mary Myatt to Morethanajob podcast, in association with ResearchEd. Mary is one of the leading voices in education and has authored many influential and must read texts such as ‘The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence’, ‘Back on Track’ and most recently ‘Huh’ that was written with John Tomsett.

A former LA advisor and inspector, a governor in several schools and a trustee for a MAT. Now Mary spends her professional days an educational advisor, writer and speaker and also is a member of the curriculum advisory group for Oak National Academy.

💥 What makes an effective curriculum for a school?

💥Your book with John Tomsett is a book of curriculum conversations between subject and senior leaders. What can and should we do to support both senior and middle leaders to bring real credibility and purpose to this relationship to ensure we are truly developing curriculum and subjects?

💥 Within Key Stage 4, how do balance choice vs compulsion? Where do you think the line is?

💥 Curriculum maps – are these worth sharing with students?

💥 Marking books – is it worth the cost? What would you advocate to promote effective assessment?

💥 How important is awareness of cognitive science and application of research in developing outstanding schools, cultures and teachers? Do effective schools have staff who regularly engage with pedagogical research?

💬 “Marking kids books is a complete & utter waste of time….Talk to them and model through a visualiser.”

💬 “Teachers time on marking costs £4.5bn with no evidence of any impact.”

💬 “Mark extended pieces but feedback as close to the action as possible. As for verbal feedback stamps……..”

💬 “Anything that we’re asked to do we should ask why.” [Seek rationale, evidence and understanding – this is not suggesting insubordination or rudeness!]
💬 “Always be powered by curiosity.”

Mary’s website: https://www.marymyatt.com/


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