S1E23: Sam Strickland

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Listen to the SEASON FINALE as we chat to the inspirational Principal Sam ‘Strickomaster’ Strickland on his pursuit to achieve the Halycon Dream.

Sam is the Principal of a large all-through school and has helped to guide its GCSE results from the bottom 20% nationally to the top 20% and A Level outcomes to the top 5% nationally. The initial organiser of researchED Northampton, he is a leading voice in the current conversation in education. He has had educational resources and research published and has also delivered courses nationally and served as a lead facilitator for NPQSL. He is also the author of the hugely inspiring and influential books Education Exposed – ‘Leading a school in a time of uncertainty’ & ‘In pursuit of the halcyon dream.’ ‘Knowledge itself is power’ sits at the core of Sam’s educational philosophy and influences all that he does.

💥 What is the halcyon dream and how do we successfully pursue this?

💥 How do we make the curriculum god?

💥 How do we ensure good behaviour in schools?

💥 Why do you think people criticise your way of leading a school?

💥 What does effective Teaching & Learning look like?

💥What are your thoughts on building culture through a house system?


S2E4: Lucinda Powell

Wow what a episode to explore deep into the MIND!! 🧠 Lucinda has a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, a masters in Special and Inclusive education, is a qualified teacher

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