S1E22: Kathryn Morgan & Jade Pearce

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Listen we chat with Kathryn Morgan & Jade Pearce.

Kathryn Morgan is Head of Leadership Content at the Teacher Development Trust. Kathryn is a former Deputy Head Teacher and MAT Director of Professional Learning and Development. Having previously worked at Ambition Institute as Associate Dean for Learning Design, Kathryn is interested in the instructional design and content of leadership professional development. Kathryn keeps her knowledge and experience of school improvement up-to-date as a Chair of Governors.

Jade Pearce is an Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning. Jade also has an NPQH & a Masters in Education. Jade is also a primary school governor and also a member of the Education Endowment Foundation Expert Voicers Group.

💥 Why is CPD so important and what should leaders and colleagues do to make it effective?

💥 Can you give us some insight as to the current priorities of the TDT?

💥 Why should teaching and learning be evidence informed?

💥 “Schools should remove formal individualised written marking from their culture and policies.” What are your views and thoughts on that statement?

💥 How do you encourage staff to become reflective about their own teaching and management?

💥 What strategies would you use to support a member of who is underperforming?


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