S1E21: The Feedback Pendulum with Michael Chiles

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Listen as we chat with Michael Chiles, Associate Assistant Principal, Director of Tech and Innovation, a chartered geographer, a council member of the Chartered College of Teaching but most will know Michael as an influential education author. Michael started his career as an author contributing to Geography textbooks and revision guides but his books ‘The Craft of Assessment’ and ‘The Feedback Pendulum’ have been top sellers on Amazon and you can pre-order ‘The Sweet Spot’ now.

💥 How do you build the correct culture for feedback?

💥 How should teachers feedback to students?

💥 How should we feedback to teachers & colleagues?

💥 Should we scrap parents’ evenings?

💥 What should WCF sheets look like?

💬 “We got tangled up with the words marking & feedback…I learnt the hard way where marking became a burden…and just a waste of time.”

💬 “I haven’t marked a book for years now. Has it had a detrimental impact on learning? No. Not at all.”

💬 “Whenever I observe, I just write a narrative of what the teacher is saying and what the pupil is saying.”



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