S1E20: Fleur Anderson MP – Member of the Education Select Committee

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Listen as we chat with Fleur Anderson MP of the Commons Education Select Committee

💥 Why did Labour vote against the recommendations and findings of the Commons Education Select Committee report into ‘White Privilege’?

💥Thoughts on Sir Kevan’s resignation & the government’s catch up plan

💥 Are Labour really a viable opposition to an increasingly unpopular government and DfE team?

💥 What should schools do about the growing rise in sexual harassment in schools and exposure to online pornography?

💥 What makes great school culture and great schools?

We are joined by Fleur Anderson MP. Fleur’s victory was the only gain that Labour made in the 2019 General Election making her entry to the House of Commons even more special. Fleur has already made a name for herself in Whitehall and Parliament as she is a member of the Commons Education Select Committee and now the fifth member of the committee to join us on the podcast. Fleur is also the Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, shadowing former Sec. of State for Education the Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP.


S2E6: Dr Ross W. Greene

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