S1E18: Ian Mearns MP – Member of Education Select Committee

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Listen as we chat with Ian Mearns MP of the Commons Education Select Committee.

💥Thoughts on Sir Kevan’s resignation

💥Are the tutoring programmes reaching the right children?

💥Is Labour’s plan for education a fanciful wish list?

💥How is Labour going to pay for this fanciful wish list?

💥What other priorities are the Commons Education Select Committee currently working on?

💥How does the Commons Education Select Committee come to a consensus?

💥Is the Commons Education Select Committee strong enough to hold the DfE to account?

💥How should we reform the prison education system?

💥What makes great school culture & ethos?

💥What should we do to prevent teacher burnout?

💥Is Steve Bruce the right man for Newcastle United?

💥Thoughts on taking the knee and England cricketers on social media

It is our absolute pleasure to welcome a special guest to the Morethanajob podcast. We are joined by Ian Mearns MP. Ian is the Labour MP for Gateshead having been first elected to Parliament in 2010. Ian has served on multiple Commos committees but has served as a member of the Commons Education Select Committee in successive parliaments. Ian’s passion for education also sees him serving as a Director of the Bishop Wilkinson Education Trust.


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