S1E17: Ndidi Okezie CEO of UKYouth

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Join us for a fascinating episode with Ndidi Okezie the CEO of UKYouth who says there is still so much work to do when it comes to supporting our young people through their educational and life journey.
This is such an insightful episode with some major topics tackled and discussed:
💥 How is UKYouth going to ‘unlock’ the potential and skills of Youth Workers to fully support all of those invested in the development of young people?
💥 The importance and power of opportunity & experience outside of the classroom and how it can unlock relationships between teachers and students
💥 How did she react being told that people like her don’t do careers such as Drs, Lawyers & Accountants
💥 Why did Ndidi feel like she didn’t belong at Warwick University & how much an impact did the fact that “…no-one looked like me” have on her?
💥 Is there still institutional racism? 1 year on from George Floyd & 28 years since the Stephen Lawrence murder
💥 Why does Ndidi now refuse to debate her life & lived experiences when talking to the media?
💬 “All young people should be equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute.”
💬“You cannot make a decision because of fear.”
💬“We are not willing to stay in the moment of discomfort & discuss it.”
💬“We’ve admired the problem for too long.”
💬“Young people are watching our behaviour and listening to our narrative.”
Ndidi is an advocate of system change, passionate about youth voice, social justice and building sustained opportunities for overlooked and underestimated communities. Ndidi is the CEO of UK Youth, a leading charity to ensure that all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. Prior to this Ndidi has served as Vice President for Pearson Education managing the Secondary Schools Portfolio, served on the DfE Youth Character Education Advisory Group and was an Executive Director of Teach First.

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