S1E15: Leadership with Andy Buck

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Join us for an amazing episode with Andy Buck the man who knows that ‘Leadership Matters’ and shares his wisdom on #Morethanajob podcast.
What is more important – character or competence?
What challenges do the media present to school leaders?
Why should you always mind your Ps & Qs with Andy Buck?
What does it mean to be psychologically safe?
What makes a great school?
Who told Andy Buck he was too cocky?

A geography teacher by trade, Andy went on to become a headteacher for thirteen years at two schools in east London. In the last year of headship, his school was judged outstanding in all categories and Andy was designated a National Leader of Education. In 2009 he become a Director at the National College for School Leadership. He was subsequently responsible for setting up the government’s flagship Teaching Schools programme before being appointed as Managing Director at United Learning, one of the country’s largest academy groups.

Since 2014, Andy has founded Leadership Matters which aims to improve the educational outcomes for pupils by supporting great leadership development. Andy has written seven leadership and coaching books, the most recent of which is ‘An Introduction to the BASIC coaching model’.


S3E1: Dr Jeffery Quaye

Morethanajob podcast in association with ResearchEd starts season 3 with an exciting season planned. More interviews, more ResearchEd events and more discussion and debate. We have the pleasure to be

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