S1E14: Running the Room with Tom Bennett

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Join us for an amazing episode with Behaviour Tsar Tom Bennett who not only ‘runs the room’ but joins us to run the podcast!!
Incredibly insightful to learn about Tom’s journey in education, discussing the controversial behaviour hubs, the success of ResearchEd and his expert advice on some behaviour scenarios including breaking up gang cultures.
Tom isn’t afraid to give his opinion. Listen as he described Twitter as being similar to Prof X from X-Men, how much of teaching has been based on ‘folk teaching’, why he upset Game of Thrones fans and his favourite tastes in music!
Tom is the founder and director of researchED, a non-profit organisation that runs teacher conferences about research and education. He is the author of several books on teacher training, the most successful of which is Running the Room: the teacher’s guide to behaviour. In 2015 he was appointed the UK government’s independent advisor on school behaviour, or ‘behaviour tsar,’ and is in charge of the Behaviour Hubs program.


S2E4: Lucinda Powell

Wow what a episode to explore deep into the MIND!! 🧠 Lucinda has a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, a masters in Special and Inclusive education, is a qualified teacher

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