S1E13: PTSD with Police Interceptors star Ben Pearson (retired PC 1965)

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Join us for an amazing episode in which we talk to Police Interceptors star Ben Pearson (@bs_pearson) about his journey through education, being an interceptor and his struggles with PTSD and his campaign to tackle Mental Health in the police force. Ben is frank, honest and open in this latest episode of #Morethanajob.

Ben is a published author and you can read his book ‘Handcuffed Emotions’ to get even further insight into his journey or subscribe to his YouTube channel with over 1 MILLION views!


S2E4: Lucinda Powell

Wow what a episode to explore deep into the MIND!! 🧠 Lucinda has a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, a masters in Special and Inclusive education, is a qualified teacher

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S2E13: Don’t Exclude Me

Marie Gentles OBE is a Government Behaviour advisor and star of the recent ground-breaking BBC documentary ‘Don’t Exclude Me’ which aired on BBC Two and is available on the iPlayer.

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